In Today’s digital age, we are constantly given ways to incorporate a number of new things in our lives. Online Art Gallery is an initiative to put across an idea of a platform that is used to display and sell art works of artist irrespective of their nationality, gender and other narrow consideration, through direct link.

Problem Statement

Contemporary Era is on a modernized path but for the local artist the struggle of getting their artworks sold at worth their price is nearly impossible, giving such Local artists a platform where they can simple exhibit their work and get in touch with the potential buyer is the need of the hour.

Getting in Touch with Artist Community

In this pandemic era, it is important to look onto the possibilities and because we could not meet-up due to the different areas we belong to, I decided to conduct a survey within the artist community.

Result shows a huge number of people in favor of this platform.

The survey results above shows that the community needs this type of platform where they can connect to the end user and exhibit their best work at best possible price.
The following questions were asked to the artist community:
• What is Art to you?
• Are you satisfied with online art stores?
• What do you think about the idea of an online platform where every artist is encouraged to sell their items according to their worth?
• Are you in favor of such platform?
• Give your suggestions about this business idea?

First Stage
The initial steps will include the working of developing a page and gathering the people on one platform.

Second Stage
The next step will be starting to channelize the work of such individual artists and getting a proper sale and purchase going on.

In Conclusion, I personally feel the urge of such artistic space that I named, “Artifex Space”is my idea to bring a positive change in the world of Art.